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12|21|15 - 00:45 - semi-friends only
You can find me here 

I've decided to make this journal Semi-friends Only. My art and other general stuff will be visible, personal posts will be private. Feel free to comment here if you want to be added :] My headers are not sharable, don't take them please. If you have any request just ask.

Book obsesion: The Last night of Hypatia - HERE

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11|06|10 - 19:47 - MYKA/HG 2.0
Warehouse 13
As promised ;)

Walls in color. I can make the b/w bigger too.

Hope you like them.

here to the crapy artCollapse )
10|21|10 - 21:53 - I'm such a fangirl...

It is very funny to be with me in class because I can't stop relating things with tv shows/movies :P

The other day in class (History and Culture of English Speaking Countries) we were talking about the Vikings, so my 1st thought was:

Then my teacher explains that the Vikings went to North America and they settled in Newfoundland. So, 2nd thought:

Finally he showed us an old map of UK, and it said "Map of the Midlands". Of course my 3rd thought was this:

Oh, and the day we were talking about Druids, King Arthur and Celtic women my mind was here:

That's why I love that class ;)

Oh, Episode 200, WHY SO EPIC??

I still can't believe it though... 200 episodes... wow, it seems it was yesterday when Lana said the "man or superman" line and I squeed like a little girl...

Anyway, here's my reaction while watching the episode =]

such a fangirl...Collapse )
Elena/Damon - The Vampire Diaries
Will I have time?? I think so... If I don't, I won't be bored on weekends anymore :P

Ok, here we go...


ABC - Castle (Premiere: Sept 20)
CW - 90210, Gossip Girl
FOX - House (Premiere: Sept 20)
CBS- Hawaii Five-O (Premiere: Sept 20)

FOX - Glee (Premiere: Sept 21), Running Wilde (Premiere: Sept 21)
CW - One Tree Hill
SyFy - Warehouse 13 (Finale: Sept 21)
ABC - Detroit 1-8-7 (Premiere: Sept 21), No Ordinary Family (Premiere: Sept 28)

CW - Hellcats
ABC - Modern Family  (Premiere: Sept 22)

CW - The Vampire Diaries, Nikita
FOX - Fringe (Premiere: Sept 23), Bones (Premiere: Sept 23)
ABC - Grey's Anatomy (Premiere: Sept 23), Private Practice (Premiere: Sept 23)

CW - Smallville (Premiere: Sept 24), Supernatural (Premiere: Sept 24)

BBC - Merlin

ABC - The Gates (Finale: Sept 19)
ShowCase - Lost Girl
08|26|10 - 20:09 - Hi new obsession!
rizzoli & isles
This summer has been awesome, specially because of the new movies and shows. I thought I would miss like crazy my fav shows, but man, I didn't know what was coming...

I'm talking about Rizzoli & Isles (though True Blood is kicking ass too). Thanks to my dad I'm a fan of crime/detective fiction or however you wanna call it. The think is that Tess Gerritsen's Rizzoli & Isles series are fantastic, and what's more awesome than the books? A tv show featuring Angie Harmon as hot homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and Sasha Alexander as hot medical examiner Maura Isles.
I'm not gonna start rambling about the gayness of this show and how sexy these ladies are, just watch it and see it for yourselves ;) I just can't wait for next week's episode!!

- Rizzoli & Isles: I'm Your Boogie Man Promo

Want a R&I lovefest? Well, you can go to fembuck's and take a look at her recaps and fics.
08|07|10 - 14:36 - random...

I write like
Kurt Vonnegut

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